Ashita Dhawan is scared of Dolly Bindra

Actress Ashita Dhawan recently had enough of Dolly Bindra when they were shooting together for a show. Both Ashita and Dolly recently appeared in an episode in Adalat where Dolly essayed the role of Sweety a culprit and Ashita Dhawan played a lawyer in the show.

Source from the show informed that the production house had told Dolly to stick to her loud image during her role in the show. But she often went overboard in portraying the role. Source said that while acting her part Dolly Bindra started delivering the dialogues which were not the part of the script, which further confused Ashita in her lines. When she complained to the director he told Ashita to cut Dolly whenever she felt Dolly was overacting. Finally when the scene was over Dolly let out her signature loud laugh. Ashita was quite annoyed with Dolly since she felt that Dolly acted in the show as if it was a Comedy Circus.

Speaking further Ashita said that the three days of shoot with Dolly were the most stressful days of her life. She added that much of the time she was scared to interact with Dolly. She wonders how people spend week after week with her. Well it is not just you Ashita, we are sure there are many people out there who are scared of Dolly Firebrand Bindra!

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