Vida & Sky’s Massage Masti in Big Boss House

The Bigg Boss house tends to get its housemates a little mentally & physically stressed. The housemates start feeling the heat as time passes & in turn create fights & arguments sometimes for meaningless reasons. To avoid this kind of stress, the very gorgeous babe from Afghanistan aka Vida requested Sky to give her a back massage. An excited Sky was more than willing to help a vulnerable lady! Sky gently starts massaging Vida on her back and slyly moves his hinds to the restricted bottom area. A calm Vida blows his bubble as she says- “Sky Bhaiya itna niche mat jaon, its only hurting on my upper back!” An astonished Sky has the weirdest expression on his face. The housemates crack up on hearing Vida’s comment. An embarrassed Sky, starts giggling himself. Well you know what they say, sometimes in life, the easiest things are hardest to get.

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