TV Review: Star Ya Rockstar

Seriously, when will channels stop ODing on song and dance shows? The latest one is ‘Star Ya Rockstar’ where primetime movers, out-of-work and over-the-hill actors exercise their vocal chords for the benefit of Anu Malik who still takes his role of a judge very seriously. Accompanying him is the rotund Alisha Chinai who, we still can’t believe, looks the way she does. Cute she is, but her chubby cheeks distract us all the time and we don’t mean that as a compliment.

As for the contestants, there is Sachin Pilgaonkar (who we must hand it to, for still being enthusiastic about his ‘vocal talent’), Chavi Mittal and Manasi Parekh (both are decent on the mike), funnyman Manish Paul who has graduated from Zee’s in-house comedian to a singer, Sumeet Raghavan (who had long back participated in a similar show on Imagine), Ragini Khanna who grins incessantly and is currently enjoying being among the top two singers — people are seriously voting for her when there are other better singers than her and Neha Marda (among others) who is probably tired of the overflowing ghaghras she wears in Balika Vadhu and has traded them with short dresses and sequined gowns!

The show follows the by-now done- to-death format where contestants leave no stone unturned to woo the judges. Malik spouts shayari and Alisha wears a ‘dunno what made me get into this’ expression for a better part of the show and the usual danger- zone-drama.

Last but not the least, Mona Singh has meandered from her last show to this one, once again playing the affable host. Just like Malik, she too takes her job very seriously though it is sheer agony for viewers to see her.

Verdict: *

We are sure you will find some other way to kill time.

BY: Kshama Rao

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