Swami Agnivesh brings peace in Bigg Boss house!

Social Activist Swami Agnivesh the fifth male participant to enter the Bigg Boss House had declared his
positive agenda before going into the house. And it seems he has already begun his mission of changing
the mindset of the Bigg Boss 5 contestants. All the housemates were seen well behaved in front of him
and were even seen reciting a prayer before dinner.

Well for the first time the Bigg Boss house looked peaceful after 38 days of cat fights and back biting.
The housemates were also seen performing yoga with Swami Agnivesh in the morning. Swami Agnivesh
taught them some simple yoga exercises for better and healthy living. After teaching yoga, he had an
informative discussion on the very serious issue of the female foeticide.

However it seems a day in Bigg Boss house is not complete without Pooja Mishra’s fight with any
housemate. This time around she had an argument with Amar Upadhyay. It was only when Rajkumari
Shraddha Sharma intervened Pooja Missra let go off the argument.

Pooja Mishra was later seen asking Swami Agnivesh regarding other housemate’s behaviour with her. To
that Swami Agnivesh advised her to be calm and said he will help her to sort the things out.

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