Sky calls Pooja Bedi a complete woman

With all the bitching, cat fights and character assassinations going on in the Bigg Boss house, one person who has managed to keep her decency throughout the stay till now is the beautiful Pooja Bedi. And all the housemates will vouch for that. Pooja Bedi is gradually becoming favourite among all the housemates due to her understanding nature. So much so that even Pooja Mishra is fond of her.

Pooja Bedi had been calm and decent till now and even during a face off with Shraddha Sharma, she seemed to conduct herself well.

In the last episode Sky and Pooja Bedi were seen in a conversation where he tells her that he loves and respects her a lot and if he had a chance to date a woman like her, he would date her; because according to him Pooja Bedi is a complete woman as she has seen almost every phase of a woman’s life from marriage to kids etc. Pooja Bedi was charmed by this statement; she was even seen blushing over it.

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