Shraddha is dumb and clueless – Sky

The housemates have completed close to a month in the Bigg Boss house. 30 days is not a big deal in the outside world, but to be stuck amongst 12 other near strangers does get one into various mood swings from time to time. Sky aka Akashdeep is the newest entrant of the house was initially very calm composed & busy charming the ladies. The minute Shakti Kapoor got evicted from the house, the tables have turned. The villain from our daily soaps is revealing his evil side to the housemates. The latest victim was Shraddha. The two got into an argument in regard with choosing the new captain. Shraddha tried to avoid Sky’s questions and tried to evade from the situation by complaining about her stomach ache. A pissed off Sky lashed at her and went on about how dumb & clueless she is. An ignorant Shraddha got extremely angry and told Sky to never speak to her again! She accused him of being insensitive & extremely aggressive. Will things calm down or will the heat erupt amongst the rest of the housemates?

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