Rati Pandey: I am confident about Hitler Didi

The promos of Zee TV’s upcoming show Hitler Didi have already hit the screens and look extremely appealing. Viewers are indeed shocked to see Rati Pandey who portrayed the happy go lucky Nupur on Star One’s Miley Jab Hum Tum in a diametrically opposite avatar. Well, when we had a conversation with the actress she confessed that it was difficult even for her to portray the same.

Can you describe your character in Hitler Didi?
I play Indira in Hitler Didi. She is a strong headed girl who has emotions but never shows it to anyone including her family. She does not like working but she works just to take care of the family and also because she believes that if she goes early in the office she will get the bonus for it. She is the bread winner of the family. Her most important trait is that she hates men. And if they do anything wrong, she just slaps them and walks off as if nothing happened. There is no tension in her life at all as she is the boss. She has a good relation with everyone but at the same time she is very blunt and tells everything on their face if anything is wrong. And the interesting thing is that when she openly says anything, nobody feels bad. This is because they know that she is right and have given her the status of a Hitler.

Is it difficult to portray the character?
It is very difficult to portray the character because I am a person who is always smiling and this will not be seen in the show. It is very difficult to have a straight face and we categorize the character as a blank character with no expressions. Being a dedicated and sincere artiste that I am, I’m trying my best to convince my audience. I am trying very hard to bring to you the character just like how you saw the character of Nupur.

Have you ever seen such people around?
I have seen people who are strict but I haven’t seen anybody who has not smiled or laughed even once in a day. But you can connect the character with every person you see around you, like your father or your elder brother. You can actually take the traits from them and apply it here.

Is your character inspired from Kajol’s character from Hum Apke Dil Mein Rehtein Hain wherein she was also the only bread winner in the family?
Just because the character is the only bread earner in the family does not mean that it is inspired from any movie. Such a character can be related to anyone you know. Indira does not care for herself as she does everything for her family.

How is Hitler Didi’s rapport with her younger brother Rishi?
Rishi is the only member in the family who is not really scared of Didi and he can actually sometimes make her short of words. He is the only one who wishes her for her birthday as the others are scared of her. He is the fun element on the show. And you never know if Hitler might change because of him and you might also see Hitler Didi laughing that will make the whole of Delhi stun.

You have been shooting in Delhi. How is the experience shooting there?
It has been very interesting and there have been a lot of eve teasing also happening with people passing comments and all that. But now I am immune to it and I push along while walking. It is very difficult to shoot in places like Chandni Chowk which are highly crowded. The food is amazing out there and sometimes we catch up and hog whenever we get a break.

What took you so long to come back to fiction?
Actually I did not want to take up anything soon after doing a character and it was actually good that I did not take up anything. I have been sitting and observing things and I was getting offers, not that I wasn’t. But I was worried if I would end up in the same Saas Bahu Saga which I did not want to do. It has been a good break wherein I did a reality show and I had a great experience. Actually I left a show to take up this show (I will not tell which show). Nupur was a popular character and it took really long for people to take it out of their minds. That’s why I wanted to portray this one because the character is a total contrast.

Will you be able to convince the audience as Hitler Didi?
Yes, definitely because if I can convince the audience by being Nupur, I am confident that I can do it as Hitler Didi.

What is the reason for Indira to become like this?
There is a reason behind it and it will be revealed as the story unfolds.

Author: Saranya Valsarajan

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