Pooja Mishra scared of tags given to her by housemates

Pooja Mishra who was tagged as a psycho, weirdo, crazy and also druggie is out of the show thanks to her undisciplined behavior with her co-housemates. But when contacted Pooja Mishra to speak on her behavior in the house she had something else to say.

When asked about the tags given to her by the housemates, Pooja Mishra says that she was used and exploited in the Bigg Boss house and also given the tags of psycho, druggie. She says that she is shocked and is not sure how she will stay with these tags. She adds that she is scared to think what people will say about her after these weird tags given to her by the housemates.

When asked why she used violence against Siddharth Bharadwaj, to that she replies that violence in her view is beating a person black and blue and she believes that she rightly fought back at Siddharth since he was misbehaving with her non-stop after she was named as the captain of the house.

Now that she is out of house she plans to catch on her sleep which she had lost in the house. She also plans to listen to music and surf the internet.

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