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Bunty n Babloo is a journey of two small town innocent souls who with their inherited values , selfless n lively nature rekindle the lifeless hearts of the so called modern heartless souls of the city of dreams .

As the name suggests this is a story of two innocent and saint human beings . born n brought up in the small town of northern rural Punjab . Their education was more religious then academic. Born in a farmer joint family , headed by dadaji who lives with his wife (dadiji of the family) n his two sons . Bunty is the son of the elder brother n Babloo is the son of younger brother , both are very pampered by their mothers n dadiji who always use to shower them with lots of gurbani n teach them the good values of life by narrating them stories n events from various granths. Thus making Bunty n Babloo a pure innocent n a selfless souls .

Growing in this cultural n religious background Bunty n Babloo now in their mid 20s decide to go to the city for work n prosperity. As said Being a framer or being in debts goes hand in hand their fathers n even dadaji did not objected to their wish .

Now starts the journey of Bunty n Babloo with their favourite lambrata , their adventures n misadventures their hits n misses , their fun n frolic life as they land in city of dreams called Mumbai .

Taking shelter with their cousin’s relatives they start their journey of making their fortune in this maya nagri. Initially they start with small time job in an office to make their two ends meet but during this course of earning their meals they observe the world that they have walked into is totally different from the world they had come from . as they see around them the values the moral cease to exist in the people around them . their innocence seems to be an alien in this materialistic world . it all starts with when they have to pay for the water that they had to quench their thirst . they are more then surprised when favours are exchanged with money as they knew it was always with blessings in their home town. People are so selfish that they tend to pull the hands which are streatched to help them .Bunty n Babloo are heart broken in this heartless city , they miss their family as they have been always living with the lively people around them for them the people of this city in the pursue of targets n their dreams have unknowingly started living a emotionless life of a robot they decide to go back to their home town .

But an incident holds them back n these two simpletons Bunty n Babloo loaded with morals n values decide to bring change n awakening in the hearts of the mechanical mankind in this smart city.

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