Mitali Nag’s physical strength at test in Afsar Bitiya

Mitali Nag may have bagged a lead role in Zee TV’s Afsar Bitiya but little did she knew that it will be the
toughest job ever for her. Recently during a shoot for a promo in Kolhapur, Mitali had to become ‘Kolhu
Ka Bail’ means like a bull to the plough. However Mitali who was initially excited about this scene,
realized how tough it was when the carrying of heavy plough resulted in severe back pain.

Well if this was not enough, Mitali’s strength was put to test when she had to do a scene where she had
to run for miles with a heavy bag on the shoulder. The retakes of the shots drained her so much that she
had to drink many bottles of glucose to gain her strength.

Mitali is essaying the role of Krishna in Afsar Bitiya which deals with the trials and tribulations of life
while juggling between being a dutiful daughter, daughter-in-law and an honest government officer.
Well lets hope Mitali’s hard work pays off as the Afsar Bitiya!

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