Mahek Chahal is the most negative person: Pooja Bedi

The chirpy and lively Pooja Bedi who was evicted last Saturday says that housemate Mahek Chahal is the most negative person in the Bigg Boss house.

Pooja who was closest to Juhi and Sky in the house, says that Mahek Chahal was the one person in the house who was always looking for fights. She adds that housemate Mahek is like a hawk who is waiting to pounce on others for fights. Speaking further Pooja says that Juhi and Sky are the nicest people in the Bigg Boss house and Sky is the best of her buddies. She further adds that Sky is a strong contender and is strong enough to fight back the manipulators in the house.

As for Pooja Mishra, Pooja Bedi says that she is mentally imbalanced and needs help urgently. Pooja Bedi adds that Pooja Mishra’s suicidal tendencies were evident in the first week itself. She adds that Pooja Mishra’s extreme mood swings, her sudden outbursts -all indicate to the fact that she’s not well mentally. She further adds that though initially she was angry with Pooja Mishra, she later on felt sorry for her mental instability.

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