Everybody is playing games in Bigg Boss 5: Dolly Bindra

Actor Dolly Bindra, who raised quite a ruckus in the fourth season of Bigg Boss, is convinced that some of this season’s contestants have come prepared to play games and advised participants to relax and have as much fun as they can on the controversial reality TV show.

“Nothing prepares you for what awaits you inside the Bigg Boss house. You go inside with a certain strategy and then everything goes haywire. This season, I’m noticing, some people have come pre-planned to play games,” Bindra said.

The Indian celebrity version of the popular international show Big Brother has often created controversies for actions and words of its participants. While Bindra herself gained notoriety for her frequent bursts of temper, director Kamal R Khan threw a bottle at one of the contestants.

When asked what is the worst memory she has from her stay at the Bigg Boss house and why she raised hell as she did, Bindra said “I would be very nice to you, if you are nice to me. But if you upset me I will not keep quiet. All my friends who know me well, know this.”

But Bindra feels she has earned a lot of love across the world too. “I get calls from fans from all over the world. I have got a lot of love.”

Who is her favourite Bigg Boss 5 candidate?
“I was shocked to see Shraddha Sharma like this,” she said referring to the actor’s explosive fights with many household members.

But the whole objective of the show will be defeated if the participants do not enjoy themselves, Bindra said. “See, when I was inside the house, I had a blast! I feel these guys are not enjoying themselves.”

She also complained about the hygiene inside the house. “I would never allow anyone to enter the kitchen with their hair open like they are doing now.”

Bigg Boss is a reality show that requires contestants to stay cooped up in a house for three months without any contact with the outside world. The winner is chosen through a process of elimination every week.
What has she taken away from her experience in Bigg Boss?

“I do not bear grudges. This is the way I am, take it or leave it. When you are not guilty of anything, you have nothing to fear.”

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