Bigg Boss 5: Pooja Bedi, the Instigator

Fights seem to have become a way of life in the Bigg Boss 5 House. Contestants fight about what they feel is not being done well in the house, and then they fight again when someone else reminds them about the argument. And, the biggest instigator that causes fights to re-erupt seems to be Pooja Bedi. When the infamous kamarbandh fight took place between Vida and Pooja Misrra, everyone in the house was disturbed by the action. It took a while, but the matter was sorted and the fight was forgotten. However, seems like Pooja Bedi just cannot let the issue rest. Known for her diplomatic yet two-faced personality, Pooja Bedi approached Vida and told her that her reaction to Pooja Misrra’s accidentally using Vida’s kamarbandh was outrageous. Pooja Bedi further told Vida that she should have been understanding and forgiven Pooja Misrra instead of making it a big issue. Understanding Pooja Bedi’s point, Vida quietly accepted the criticism and continued with her household chores. However, Pooja Bedi didn’t seem very pleased with this reaction and approached Pooja Misrra and told her that she should not have taken Vida’s possessions without her permission. With Pooja Bedi trying to reignite old, forgotten fights, will there ever be peace in the Bigg Boss House?

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