Bigg Boss 5 (Day 30): Kabhi Idhar Kabhi Udhar

Day 30: The day starts on a slightly happy note for a change as Amar & Lakshmi patch up after their fight the previous night. The duo had fought mainly because both were blaming each other for playing a double game. After a while, Mahek is seen washing the dishes with Sky by her side. The topic of conversation was Shonali and Mahek was busy explaining to Sky as to how slyly Shonali has been trying to get into every single housemate’s good books. She also pointed out how she went to the extent of faking a cry with Pooja Misra to gain her sympathy & trust.

Siddharth & Sky the new best buddies of the house are seen together in the activity area. The duo is involved in bitching about Amar. The young & single guys are seen picking on their married counterpart. They are going on about how desperate Amar is acting to win the show, and how badly he is screwing up in the process. They feel he is being like one of the girls. Sky also warns Shraddha & asks he to stay away from Amar since he is very dangerous.

In a while, Shraddha walks up to Amar and instigates him by saying that Sky is stealing away all the glory from him & he is becoming the popular one amongst the housemates.

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