Ultra romantic Mohnish Behl

In the Nineties, the film industry got a tall dark and handsome villain who came and conquered the heart of millions of film goers in the world.

He was a villain people could not help fall in love with! No points for guessing the right answer — we are talking about Mohnish Behl.

His image underwent a transformation when he moved to the small screen — playing mostly positive characters. Currently, he is playing Dr. Asutosh in Rajan Shahi’s Kuch Toh Log Kehenge.

That is when people started noticing the subtle but strong romantic traits in Behl. Come to think of it, even earlier none of us could miss the screen presence of Behl, despite Salman- Bhagyashree’s romance in Maine Pyar Kiya.

He is popular amongst the female folk especially for this subtle romantic nature of his. It is true in his real life too! Be it a press conference or any other event, he is always accompanied by wife Ekta.

Touch wood, even after so many years their romance is as fresh as it was when they were seeing each other. Mohnish blushes when told about this. Ekta smiles and responds, “I will give you an example of how romantic we are! Our elder daughter Pranutan is 19 years old and the younger one Krishna is 3 years old!” Well, well well…take about timeless romance!

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