Raageshwari, The Sneak!

If there is one quiet person inside the Bigg Boss 5 House who has managed to stay away from controversy, it’s Raageshwari Loomba. But this situation will not last for long, as Raageshwari has been assigned a secret task by Bigg Boss. Raageshwari has to convince the contestants that newly elected captain of the house, Mandeep Bevli, is not a suitable choice and get the housemates ready for re-election. When the new captain of the house was elected, it was a close fight between Mandeep and Amar, but sweet Mandeep won over scandalous Amar.

A calm and collected Raageshwari is unsure about how to take this task forward. Her first target seems to be drama queen Juhi Parmar, but she seems to be finding it tough to change her mind considering that Juhi had engaged in a huge fight with Amar at the time of elections and stood firmly by Mandeep’s side. Raageshwari has two days to successfully complete this task. Will she be able to do it or will she fail miserably?

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