Krishna insulted Pratigya stunned!

Krishna’s experiences in Mumbai have flummoxed him repeatedly, but in tonight’s episode, he will be in for a huge shock and end up feeling very hurt.

A source discloses, “At a party, Krishna and Pratigya will meet Abhishek’s boss who will flirt with all the women including Neelima and Pratigya. He will letch on Pratigya and offend Krishna. Unwilling to tolerate his behaviour, Krishna will get into a war of words with him. Instead of favoring him, Abhishek and Neelima will insult Krishna and call him an illiterate gavar, who doesn’t know the modern world. Neelima’s last words that, Pratigya doesn’t deserve an illiterate man like him will hurt Krishna the most.”

Krishna wonders, “Ever since I have come to Mumbai everything is a novelty for me. Men kiss women on the cheeks, women wear short skirts and dresses while they party and drink. The city people seem to have no value or sense of tradition. Everything is drastically different from my hometown. There, women wear saris and yet look beautiful, they respect their elders, have sharm and aren’t besharm like these city girls which is why men take chances. I was shocked to see Abhishek’s boss touch women while their husbands looked on. Why couldn’t they tell him not to hold their wives hands, or dance with them? This behaviour is mind boggling.”

Pratigya is offended too. “How dare they blame Krishna for what Abhishek’s boss did? His behaviour was atrocious, and Krishna was right in objecting to it. Mumbai’s culture is very different from our town, I get it but some Indian values never change. I totally feel Krishna was justified in his behaviour.”

Will Neelima’s taunt cause a rift between Krishna and Pratigya? Don’t forget to watch Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya every Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm only on STAR Plus.

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