First Milestone in Bigg Boss House

When fourteen strangers were locked in the Bigg Boss house, contestants were unaware of how long they would last. Bigg Boss 5 required them to stay together for close to 100days and this week, the contestants reached their first big milestone – they completed 25% of their journey by spending 25 days locked in the house cut off from the outside world. With this major milestone coinciding with the festival of Diwali, this occasion called for a special celebration.

Bigg Boss created that feeling of love and appreciation amongst the bickering housemates by sending a big dark chocolate cake for them. Seeing their favorite dessert in front of them, the housemates were overjoyed. Licking their lips in anticipation and wondering who would make the first move, the housemates surrounded the cake and looked at each others’ faces until Pooja Bedi decided to make that first move.

After witnessing ups and downs in the house, Pooja Bedi licked the dark chocolate off her fingers and indulged her guilty pleasures. Her fellow housemates showed similar reactions to the sweet treat and sunk their teeth into the sinful cake while feeding each other as well. As the contestants enjoyed the cake, they thanked Bigg Boss for making them feel special while they were spending time away from family. That this 25 day celebration coincided with Diwali, only made this celebration more special. Will this harmony continue or will the contestants be at loggerheads again now that Diwali is over?

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