Bigg Boss 5: The two ‘Pooja’s battle with words

Bigg Boss 5 is getting steamier with each passing day. Pooja Misrra, who has been nominated by the housemates this week, feels she’s being

targeted by everyone. She has not got her luggage till now and continuous criticism from everyone has further angered her.

The Bigg Boss 5 housemates completed their first weekly task successfully and earned a full luxury budget this week. They had 300 points in total.

While everyone was busy planning the budget, housemates were given an option that they could get Pooja Misrra’s bag in exchange of their luxury budget points.

While Laxmi Narayan supported Pooja Misrra, Pooja Bedi opined, “We have got these points in return of our hard work. Pooja Misrra has hardly contributed to the task and doesn’t deserve these 3000 points.”

This obviously led to the so far hottest argument of Bigg Boss 5 house. Gradually Laxmi and Sonika Kaliraman jumped in the fight too and Pooja Misrra decided to walk out.”

After sending several notifications to Bigg Boss, Pooja Misrra took off her mike and spent sometime alone in the smoking zone. Finally, Bigg Boss called her in the confession room and Pooja said, “I am a good human being and came in Bigg Boss for a fresh start. I am being called uncooperative since beginning, but I want to stay in the Bigg Boss house and prove everyone wrong.”

Meanwhile, Pooja Bedi told everyone that Pooja Misrra is mentally unstable and needs medical help. By the end of day 5, every thing looked settled inside the Bigg Boss house, but don’t know for how long.

Today is the judgement day. Either Pooja Misrra or Nihita Biswas will be eliminated from the house. So, stay tuned to Bigg Boss.

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