Akshara-Gayatri: Merging traditionalism & modernity

Traditional Gayatri and modern Akshara have opposing views about Akshara’s pregnancy and a generation gap makes it tough for them to find common ground. Yet the strict Gayatri relented, giving an elated Akshara permission to practice yoga at home.

Gayatri explains why, “We are from different generations, so our views and opinions don’t often match. Whatever restrictions I’ve placed on Akshara are for her own good. I’ve had two kids, Bhabhima and other women I know have had healthy pregnancies by following the rules I ask her to follow. So what is the problem? I want her and the baby to be healthy. I stopped her from eating panipuri and ice-cream at night and even practicing yoga earlier because it isn’t good for her.”

Akshara too puts forth her views, “Ma is worried for me. It’s her concern, not interference. Stopping me from going to the Shiv temple or not wanting me to buy things for the baby is because they believe it isn’t a good omen to buy stuff in advance. Nazar lag jaati hai. I understand her.”

What does Gayatri think of Akshara’s views on pregnancy? “Well, with each new generation, the views and needs change, but when things worked for us in the past, what is the need to change them now.” Akshara agrees, “She has seen healthy pregnancies by doing things told to her by her elders, so she wants me to do the same. Whatever she asks me to do is out of concern, not order. But she is also accepting of new changes and views.”

What prompted Gayatri to allow Akshara to do yoga? “Too many people told me that yoga is good and beneficial for pregnant women. Moreover, bahu sensibly decided to ease my fears by doing yoga in her room with Bhabhima and me present. Now we don’t worry about her yoga.”

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