Chidiya Ghar on SAB TV

Comedy channel SAB TV is bringing one more new comedy show which titled as Chidya Ghar and will be produced by Garima Productions.

Chidiya Ghar will have multi-characters where each character has a peculiar quality of an animal. The head of family would have the shade of a lion while other one loves to talk in a parrot’s style. One of them will be a snake who always creates differences between people whereas other one has the nature of a peacock.

However, the production house is still approaching the suitable casts who will be able to succeessfully play these unique characters very well. Besides this, the most popular comedy show Laptaganj is also produced by Garima Production which is currently running very well on SAB TV.

Its other shows like Ring Wrong Ring and Gili Gili Gappa which are not too successful so with this new show the production house has high expectations.

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