TV Review: Just Dance

I took my time to review Just Dance. After all, it was Hrithik Roshan’s television debut and there was no point in reviewing the show where the star was missing in the first four episodes. Though was there talking to the contestants on live screens, he wasn’t there in flesh and blood to point out their mistakes or applaud them.

Two Saturdays back, the D-Day arrived. Hrithik was to finally meet the 52 contestants separated from the chaff by choreographers Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant. It was the first time that the contestants, who were nervous and excited, were handpicked from all over the country and New York were meeting Hrithik. So the tension was palpable. Within minutes, the star had the set buzzing with young girls jumping with glee and boys having that ‘I can’t believe I am standing in front of Hrithik’ look.

As a viewer, I too, was completely hooked by his charm. Half the battle was won as his screen presence was enough to scorch the competition. Now it remained to be seen how he would do his job as a judge, interact with the participants and what would he bring to the table in terms of being a mentor? I got my answers soon as he not only had great chemistry with Farah and Vaibhavi — he serenaded one with a hug and the other with a kiss — but was bang on with his observations and comments. He was measured in his praise and gentle with his criticism. The contestants naturally love him and almost each one of them is on the show not just for the big booty but also because they wanted to meet their pin-up star. The admiration is immense and it’s endearing to see the interaction between the contestants and Hrithik.

Now about the dance on display — Zee TV’s Dance India Dance has taken dance to another level altogether and shown us almost everything there is to it. So I wondered what Just Dance would throw up. And I am not disappointed at all because there is certainly a lot more we haven’t seen before. It’s great entertainment, for sure, to see young contestants contort their bodies and do some amazing, breathtaking stuff that’s so far removed from what we commonly know as ‘dance’, one thumka here and another there. Twenty have been shortlisted to attend the dance camp that has Saroj Khan and Terence Lewis among others mentoring them, teaching them various styles and preparing them for every episode.

Farah and Vaibhavi too are a delight to watch. They are candid in their feedback. Sure, they don’t always agree with Hrithik and I’m sure there will be many differences of opinion and verbal spats as and when the TRPs demand. But for its 90-minute duration, Just Dance is fun and totally paisa vasool, largely because of HR!

Verdict: ***

Dance lovers can’t miss this one and Hrithik fans can’t miss it either

PS: Couldn’t help noticing a fruitwala participating in the show whose name was ‘Dinanath’…Happy coincidence to have someone with a name that’s also the character Hrithik is playing in Agneepath — Vijay Dinanath Chauhan?

By: Kshama Rao

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