Bade Achche Lagte Ho facing date problems

Recently viewers of Sony’s popular daily soap Bade Achche Lagte Ho might have noticed some wired shots in the show. Camera angles which hide face of the main leads of the show most of the time. Without much of facial expression scenes from the talented actors like Ram Kapoor & Sakshi Tanwar, viewers are finding the on going love story bit of lackluster.

Unfortunately, its not the fault of cameraman or scriptwriter but the lead actors. The creative team is having hard time bringing the two lead actors together within a single frame. Ram Kapoor has become very busy in Bollywood doing roles post success of movies like ‘Udaan’, while Sakshi is busy planning a vacation in London. When one actor is on the spot other is not available, which is increasing the cost of the each episode, requiring to be shot with body double twice one with Sakshi and one with Ram Kapoor.

Its not just the shooting schedule which has to be extended due to these actors, but the work load of post production has also been increased tremendously. In editing room, the makers at time don’t get enough clips to create an episode. Even the ones shot with original actors becomes useless when there is non-consistency in the flow of the shot. Sometimes there occurs mis-match of clothes between original and body double, sometimes the shot angle, gestures doesn’t fit right to create a sequence. As the production team needs to deliver at least an episode a day to channel, the whole cast & crew are working day and night to meet deadline just because of the main leads dates problem.

The rumor regarding conflict between the lead actors Ram Kapoor & Sakshi is also making rounds, which is why these actors don’t come together to give a single shot. If it’s true, we might soon see breakup of Bade Achche Lagte… leads as soon as they get married and story might get diverted to their siblings or something else. As the marriage ceremony between main leads is approaching, the creative team needs both the actors to be present for the ceremony shot. It would not just be difficult to shoot such scenes with body double, but even audience will not be able to feel and comprehend the story properly. The essence of the scene will be lost and kind of impact which the show wants to make upon its fan might not be achieved.

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