TV Review: India’s Got Talent (Season III)

It’s the third edition of India’s Got Talent where people from all over the country participate to showcase their talent. So you have singers, bands, dancers, painters, musicians, mimics, puppeteers and many others displaying what they think is unique to them. The show thrives on such people and talented or not, they are unique alright.

After all, to have the confidence to stand before three experienced judges and a live audience, not to forget the millions who are waiting for the slightest opportunity to use that remote in case you fail to impress them also requires immense amount of talent.

At the time of writing, the show is just two episodes old and promises big things to come.There is a new judge too. Dharmendra, the star of yesteryear and who seems to be a late bloomer on TV. At the press conference to launch this show, he had said how he saw television made Big B out of his younger brother, Amitabh Bachchan and so he too aspires to be not the Big D but the Darling D of the audiences.

The show started off in the usual way. People braving heat and serpentine queues in cities all over with the sole hope of doing well, wooing the judges – Kirron Kher and Sonali Bendre Behl continue to be the resident judges with Sajid Khan making way for Garam Dharam – and then performing till either the judges pressed the buzzer to stop the act or lavished them with praise and sometimes a standing ovation. Some, you know right away,when they come will buckle under pressure while still others would sail through smoothly and some others who have no talent to speak of will get into an argument with the judges!

From the talent on display, our favourites are a Salsa dancer couple – the boy all of 13 or 14 and his eleven-year-old partner. You have got to see them to believe them—they are magic on the floor. They are agile, have loads of stamina, tons of talent and can put any pro to shame for sure. Little wonder then, Dharmendra was transported into another land while Kher and Bendre couldn’t take their eyes off them.

Then there was Vishal Naik, a young painter who in a matter of three minutes brought ‘Gabbar Singh’ alive on a canvas with both his hands deftly moving with paint and brush. The painting was life-like and brought back several memories of the iconic character of one of India’s most-loved films, Sholay. This time Dharamji had tears in his eyes and there was no way the judges could not have sent the participant to the next level. There were two shadow-puppeteers who brought alive a story of the jungle – the chase between a lion and a rabbit literally had the judges and the viewers praying hard for the safety of the small animal. Alas, the lion triumphed but the puppeteers too won the hearts and moved to the next level.

The show doesn’t deviate from its format, so you know it’s going to follow a set pattern. It’s then left to the participants to take the show further. Sure, there are some duds too and Kher already had a pow-wow with one group that claimed to have done a bhangra while the judges felt otherwise.

It’s good fun to see Kher interacting with some of them in Punjabi and Haryanvi while Bendre, looking svelte as ever, got terribly upset with mediocrity.

Dharamji too is a tough nut to crack.Though he looks all heart and mush, he doesn’t give in too easily if the talent is nothing to write home about. Those who impress him get to hear a sher from him. For his debut TV outing, the actor, dressed in smart suits designed by his younger daughter Ahana Deol, looks natty and is a fair judge. Kher in all her shimmer and glitter (swathed in lovely six yards and tons of jewellery and sometimes, gajras and flowers in her jooda), is surely a hit with the women in the audience.

Does it work for us? Sure,but Gautam Rode as co-host doesn’t work for us, maybe they should have got a girl to team up with the immensely-likeable Meiyang Chang. Also, not all participants are crackling but the ones that do, do make our time in front of the telly worth our while. If not, there is always the remote.


Watch it for the sheer surprises our diverse country throw up every season.

By: Kshama Rao


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