Stars from TellyDuniya Supports Anna Hazare

The entire TV industry from actors, directors, producers or technicians will gather at Juhu in Mumbai today to be part of a rally supporting Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption. Leading the rally will be filmmaker Ashok Pandit along with Anu Ranjan and Shashi Ranjan. We speak to some of the actors who will be attending the event and find out what they have to say about the cause.

Shweta Keswani

I am definitely attending the event as I believe that at the end of the day everyone should be accountable. The Aruna Roy issue is just to deviate the attention of the public but it is not going to work. The Lokpal bill has been pending for decades now. Anna has heard the cry of the people and has taken the initiative to do something about the rampant corruption. I believe that it was a lie that the government had not ordered the police to arrest Anna, otherwise why would the police do it?

Whether this movement works or not at least someone has raised the issue. Now we will think twice before agreeing to give a bribe, I know people who have already started doing so. Of course the cause is bigger than Anna but Anna was the once who gave us the jolt that was required.

Gautam Rode

I will try my best to attend the event but currently I am shooting for India’s Got Talent, so I hope I can make it. What Anna is doing is for all of us and I am fully supportive towards his movement against corruption. I am glad that everyone is coming forward to lend their support to this initiative.

Aashka Goradia

I will be there to lend my support at the rally as Anna Hazare’s cause is a great one. We don’t even bother to do anything for our neighbours but this man has stood up to do a great thing for the country. We should support him.

Mouni Roy

Anna Hazare’s movement is a great one and I will be attending the rally today to lend my support. However, I think that the way the issue has been handled both by the government as well as the public is wrong. Each one of us should stand up and fight against corruption in our own way like we should not give or accept bribes, we should not give in if the traffic police stop us without a reason etc and I feel that this will help reduce corruption instead of simply protesting.

Kushal Punjabi

I will be present at the march and I have informed family and friends about the event through all possible mediums be it Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry etc. These corruption issues are not created by people they are created by people governing us. So many movement s are not without a reason. Today corruption is rampant everywhere. If you want to start a business, you will have to pay a bribe at every level. This is killing common people. This is the reason that so many people are for this anti corruption movement. We want the government to show us where out tax money is going and the process should become transparent. We are not asking the government to return our money but to use it for the betterment of the country. If the government’s Income Tax department can conduct raids on us even we should be able to question them. Today we are just a ‘naam ke vaaste’ democracy. I admit that I am not totally aware of the contents of the Lokpal bill but I know that it is for the betterment of the common man.

Ashok Pandit

I have been active in this fight against corruption for quite sometime now by attending rallies and supporting the common mans movement. Anu, Shashi Ranjan and I, the ITA team felt that our TV industry should come out and openly and support Anna Hazare’s cause rather than just on Facebook and Twitter. We have got a lot of support from the entire industry including actors, directors, technicians etc and all of us will all walk from Juhu circle to Juhu beach today. We will walk till Gandhiji’s statue near the beach which symbolizes Anna’s movement.

Adaa Khan

I will be attending the rally because I am totally for Anna Hazare’s cause. Anna has taken the initiative to put and end to corruption and we should support it. Anna’s movement is a stop towards a better tomorrow.

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