Kuch Toh Log Kehenge

‘Kuch toh log kehenge’ is a unique heartwarming love story between two people who not only belong to two different generations, and hence, have a substantial age gap, but are also bound by a past which will sooner or later come to not only haunt them but pitch them against each other. What makes ‘Kuch toh log kehenge’ different is that it is probably the first teleserial which literally sweeps the viewer along with its bitter-sweet process of falling in love.

Swati Sharma,26, is a fresh MBBS graduate who hated to be a doctor but was forced by her retired army officer Col.Yograj Sharma into the profession because her late mother had wanted it as her last wish. Preiti, Swati’s neighbor, is her childhood friend, confidante, guide, philosopher all rolled into one. Preiti has her own dilemma because her lawyer father Kapil Solanki would like her to be a lawyer like him and his wife Shyama Solanki while Preiti herself wants to be a fashion designer. Both friends often come each other’s rescue when in trouble. Dadi Bua, Yograj’s aunt, had taken care of Swati since her mother’s death and dotes on her. Chhote Sarkar, her domestic help, has a running battle with Dadi Bua who rules the Sharma household with an iron hand. Chhote Sarkar has a tough time surviving the daily trauma under Dadi Bua as well as under his driving instructor Phoolan, a Hariyanvi who could have been a boxer if she had not been a driving instructor.

Dr.Ashutosh, 37, is one of the brightest Surgeon of the country and runs Dr.Kotnis General Hospital in the outskirts of Bhopal, catering not only to the town but to the villages nearby. Dr.Ashutosh is married to his duty and is often called ‘Father Hard Stone’ behind his back because of his strict discipline and an unforgiving attitude towards negligence and lack of responsibility and commitment. He lives with his caretaker Hiraman, 55, who had been taking care of him since he was brought home by Dr.Mathur as an 8-year old orphan.

Dr.Mallika, 33, the other senior surgeon at Dr.Kotnis General Hospital,was Ashutosh’s junior in the medical college and has been secretly in love with him since. But some incidents in Ashutosh’s life had hardened him so much that he had built an impregnable fort around himself through which he won’t allow anyone. They had made him distrust all relationships and commitment. Even the man who has picked him up as an orphan and had raised him and was more than a father to him, had ultimately let him down. And then there was this girl who gifted him a bunch of scars that will never heal. His only relationship with and commitment to was with his job as a surgeon and the only feeling and concern he had were for his patients. There was no place for Dr.Mallika or any other woman in his life. This had turned Mallika, a brilliant surgeon otherwise, into a frustrated, bitter, lonely woman who claimed to be Ashutosh’s only friend but knew very well that she cannot have him.

And one fine day, into Dr.Kotnis General Hospital walks in Dr.Swati with every intention of being fired from her job. While her carefree, unconventional, often irresponsible attitude to her job infuriates Ashutosh, her natural gift for correct medical diagnosis and love for children makes him suffer her. Her friend Preiti too is unwittingly drawn into this orbit when the Chief Administrator of the hospital Rangnath, 29, an otherwise competent man who wears his heart on his sleeves and often brings whiffs of laughter in the somber corridors of the hospital, falls in love with her.

Will Swati be able to break in through the fort that Ashutosh has built around himself? What happens when both their pasts come to haunt them and pitch them against each other? And what happens when an old love walks into Ashutosh’s life? And a young man tries to mend Swati’s broken heart? And what role will Mallika play?

The unique but turbulent love story of Ashutosh and Swati is punctuated by the two other love stories that bring laughter along with love into ‘Kuch toh log kehenge’—Prieti and Rangnath, and Chhote Sarkar and Phoolan. These multiple love stories swell with passion and suspense against the backdrop of the drama of battle for life over death that offer daily cliffhangers.

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