Date Trap 2: Ready to Sell out your friends

UTV Bindass, India’s fun, frank and fearless youth brand, announces season 2 of Date Trap presented by Arise Mobiles. This season doubles up the excitement but continues to keep the core concept of the show alive. With new fun elements that allow you to choose the date location of your choice, the pranks get naughtier as the dates get wackier! So now you can set your friend up at a swimming pool, a mall or perhaps even a dance bar… It’s time to let your imagination soar high; sky is the limit on Arise Mobiles presents Date Trap Season 2.

Building on the success of Season 1, ‘Date Trap’ struck an instant chord with its unique concept and the fun quotient of getting one’s best buddy into trouble as one plays the evil cupid.

Commenting on the second season of ‘Arise Mobiles presents Date Trap 2’, Keith Alphonso, Business Head, UTV Bindass, said, “The concept of the show comes as a breather from the routine; it’s the only show on television that allows you and your best buddy to have a fun moment, while simultaneously entertaining our viewers with the most innovative gags. The show caught on like wildfire amongst the youth and we have been inundated with messages and mails to bring back the show. So here we are with Season 2.”

For the uninitiated, it’s the pitch of a devious mind, in this case the ‘contender’, who plans to set up their best friend on a worse date for cash. The host of the show and the moderator of all the events, Aaliyah Khan will assist the contenders in executing the gag. Together, Aaliyah and the contender will audition three actors for the role of the most annoying date, finally choosing the best one. The actor is then briefed about the best friend’s character traits and dislikes and is prompted to put up an act, which is bound to annoy the friend.

The show begins from Friday, 26th Aug 2011.

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