Shahrukh Khan to produce Live My Life

Shahrukh Khan aka King Khan of Bollywood is set to produce a reality TV show named ‘Live My Life’. It will be an extravagant reality show wherein King Khan will let his fan live his luxurious life for a day or two.

Shahrukh has not tasted much success in the television industry and his show ‘Zor Ka Jhatka’ as a host was a disaster. However, this has not deterred the superstar from producing his own reality show.

The lucky fan that will be selected from millions of Shahrukh’s fan base will enjoy all the luxuries that Shahrukh Khan enjoys including the same food, car, gym and lifestyle. There is no specific information on which channel the show is likely to be aired on.

However the concept of this show will be different from Shahrukh’s earlier show called ‘Living with a Superstar’. Well a chance to live the superstar’s life, go grab it!!

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