TV has been a crucial part of my career: Ashmit Patel

By Prachi Kadam | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

This one is for all those who were wondering where actor Ashmit Patel had disappeared after his ‘sizzling’ stay at a house for a reality show. These days Patel is coaching young boys in flirting lessons for a new reality show. But Patel insists that he is just sharing his experiences with the opposite sex.

He says, “I’m like a mentor to the young boys and I’ll be sharing my understanding of being a Casanova. To me, a Casanova is a charmer, who is sophisticated and chivalrous. These boys on the show are not exactly novices; I’ll just be sharpening the edges. The actual challenge will be when the boys have to use the lessons in real life challenges on Superstud.”

So does he believe that TV has redefined his career? “Yes, TV has been a crucial part of my career. Within three months people knew what I was and my talents and capabilities and accepted me otherwise I wouldn’t be inside the (Bigg Boss) house for so long. But I will not accept every offer that comes my way, especially not saas-bahu soaps. I can associate myself with the challenging content and spunkiness of reality TV,” says Patel.

What about films and marriage? He says, “I have an international film Florida Road. I’ve also done a Bengali film Lal Salaam.” He furthers, “As far as marriage is concerned, I am happy with the way things are going and I love all the speculations about my marriage (with Pakistani actor Veena Malik). But let me reiterate that a wedding is not on the cards for me as of now.”

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