Hrithik Roshan Talks about Just Dance

Known for his complicated moves and mesmerizing dance form, Hrithik Roshan, who makes his foray into television with STAR Plus’ brand new reality show Just Dance, doesn’t agree that he is God of Dance as he is called on the show. In a candid chat, Hrithik reveals his reasons to choose tv, especially this show and what he expects from this endeavour.

What prompted you to chose Just Dance as your first television appearance?
I was never inclined towards doing television shows but when I was approached with this concept, it connected with me and I came on board. That is the same method I apply when I choose my films projects. One has to identify with something, only then can you be excited about your work. I assure you that Just Dance is a show never been seen before and I am very proud to be associated with No 1 GEC of the country Star Plus, to bring the best talent forward. Along with talented choreographers, masters Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant, we will hunt the best in dance, the ultimate dancing champion from across the globe –India, UK, US.

What will be the judging parameters?
In the show, we will be looking for someone who goes beyond steps, beyond counting- one, two, three, four. They should feel the dance in their soul, in their bones. According to me, competition is the only way, we get other people to push you to excel in life. Competition nurtures innovation, drives passion and Just Dance is a show that takes this energy to a whole new level. I can’t wait and am looking forward with bated breath to Just Dance.

Is the concept indigenous or derived from a foreign show?
This is something never done before. I have seen numerous dance shows and was blown away when this concept came to me. The international auditions will begin Feb 27 and the Just Dance team will scout talent in Britain, US, and major cities across India. Just Dance will provide a global platform for dancers not only passionate about their art but enjoy different dancing styles as well.

How does it feel to be called the God of Dance, especially in the promos of Just Dance?
I don’t think anyone is God of Dance- especially not me. According to me, dance is an expression. When first time someone would have danced, he must have been happy, jubilant, overwhelmed or perhaps emotionally charged. For me the root of dance is that first expression, that first person who have some emotion inside him that he wanted to express via his body.

Who is your God of dance?
Shammi Kapoor is the God of dance for me, because he went beyond steps, his body just moved to music and he created magic moments. Also, I believe there are gurus of dance who teach you the intricacies, the nuances and I have two wonderfully talented gurus with me on the show. I have been guided and abused by them many times but that helped me hone my dancing skills to this level.

Numerous filmstars are on telly today. Are you nervous, anxious or apprehensive about the TRP war?
Not at all. It is the same way as numerous actors do numerous films. You can’t keep worrying or keep tabs on who is doing what. You have to work on yourself, your projects and leave the rest to God.

Reports in the media suggest you are paid Rs 112 crore for Just Dance. Is it true?
I thought I was paid very well but then I heard these speculative reports. Now I feel like renegotiating.

Who is your favourite filmstar on TV? Who do you watch on TV?
I hardly watch TV. But I have seen bits of most celeb reality shows. I look upto all of them. I enjoyed watching Mr Bachchan the most.

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