Veena Malik might be back

After Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan, the third season of Imagine’s Swayamvar had a non-controversial actress Ratan Rajput. The cast and crew thought the show will sail smoothly with some dramatized conflicts here and there, alas it didn’t happen. First tantrums of Ratan was too much handle for the makers. She thought herself as queen and wanted the world on her feet. Secondly, her behavior towards the contestants didn’t turn out as the way it was scripted. She lacked the Nautanki character that her predecessors like Rakhi & Rahul had.

Even after a week of the show, the TRPs for NDTV failed to rise. Despite introduction of popular guest stars like Hiten, Ram Kapoor, Sudesh Berri the show hasn’t taken off as expected. It is believed Ratan has started showing her disinterest towards the show and might not stay till the finale.

Channel is already planning for next season with someone controversial like Rakhi & Rahul and who actually knows to do drama on the screen. Rumor is the makers are in talk with notorious Pakistani actress cum Big Boss fame Veena Malik. As she is well known for her controversial statements and bindaas attitude, perhaps the channel hope to get the ratings and audiences they desire for this show.

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