Ratan on the hot seat

It looks like Ratan’s attitude is soaring day by day.

After calling herself as CRORE WORTH MACHINE… and fuming over while returning ONE LAKH watch, she is constantly harassing the poor contestants. Her conflicting suggestions to the contestants have left them bewildered. After testing the contestants of the Swayamvar at different levels its Ratan’s turn to prove herself as a good ‘Bahu’. This week she will get surprise visit from her to be mother-in-laws. This time she will be on the hot chair answering and trying to convince the contestants mother’s her skill as good daughter in law.

According to the sources, she took as many as 25 takes for one shot. The frequency of ‘cuts’ increased when to be mother in laws forgot it was after all a TV show and started acting as real to be mother in law in hunt for good daughter in law. The eager to be mother in laws started asking volley of questions, which bowled out the poor Bihari lass. The sources also hinted most of the clips might get chopped on the editing table, after all its Ratan’s show and no one wants her to look like fool.

So for once Ratan gets to experience how it feels to be on the other side of the chair while being grilled. Will the mother in law factor help the contestants or will it hurt their chances of remaining in the show. Stay tunned and keep watching Ratan Ka Rishta.

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