Are You Ready to Grind ?

The popular 90s show, MTV Grind is once again coming on air in a desi form from Saturday, 25th June 2011. Remember staying up late night to watch the beach babe grinding. Now get ready to groove and grind in Bollywood ishtyle with VJs Anusha, Aayushman, Gaylon,and Soniya. Soniya is a daughter of famous actor Vinod Mehra. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get good debut in Bollywood, so she is trying to host this new Gen Y MTV show.

Aditya Swamy of MTV confirms that the show MTV Grind return, which kept viewers to awake till midnight, and added about the show that though the pool-party scene, will remain the same, but the music will be different.

People like “Bollywood” music because it is ultimate favorite in the country. So, we will have filmi songs and some songs will be remixed for those who are from other popular genres.

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