Aditya Narayan gets Slapped

Host of Sony’s musical program Xfactor – Mr. Aditya Narayan, son of popular singer Udit Narayan, got shock this week. After failing to create magic in playback singing and acting (Shaapit), his only profession at the moment as Host of the Xfactor might come under problem if he doesn’t behave properly in public.

In a recent boys night out in a five star restaurant some mysterious girl slapped him when former started misbehaving with the latter. Aditya was already high due to heavy drinking and tried to approach a beautiful girl who was waiting for someone in the same restaurant. First the girl tried to ignore Aditya, that just agitated Aditya. He felt embarrassed in front of his friends, so he tired to get physical with the girl. That’s when she gave him a hard slap, causing him to fall flat on the floors. According to spectators in the restaurant, he was so drunk that he couldn’t walk properly but tried to flirt with a girl and ultimately got good lesson.

Aditya on the other hand tried to deny such allegations. He claims he had some verbal arguments with the girl nothing of such physical manhandling ever happened.

Well, was he so drunk that he couldn’t even remember hard slap?
Maybe, it’s time for him to look into the mirror good.

Here is the video report from the incident

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