Siddhesh Pai’s new avtar in DKS

This week could be called as Siddhesh Pai’s week in Zee TV’s Dance Ke Superstar as the talented dancer stole the limelight of the show. Apart from Siddhesh, Ruturaj and Vaishnavi too created history by getting a hat trick and were awarded the performers of the day on Friday’s episode.

A little birdie from the sets informs, “Rajeev Surti was the celebrity judge this week. And Siddhesh Pai mesmerized the audience with his performance and the judges with his stunning performance where he donned the avtar of a lady and performed few item numbers.”

As our source further informs, “This time the face off round was between Dharmesh and Siddhesh for which Siddhesh got ten on ten for his performance and Dharmesh missed the bus. Siddhesh was even awarded with the MJ band for his solo performance on Saturday.”

We contacted Siddhesh Pai and he was very happy to say, “I just can’t believe that I got MJ band from Remo sir because I didn’t expect it from him. And talking about Dharmesh’s and my face off, I never really wanted to battle against Dharmesh in the Face-Off because, we both belong to Geeta Ke Gang. But it was a very nice experience to dance with Dharmesh on the same stage.”

Siddhesh goes on, “It feels that Dance ke Superstars this week was specially made for me because I got very much appreciated by all.”

As Siddhesh’s performance was the highlight from the team Josh, no doubt team Josh won the week’s competition by few numbers.

Report By: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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