Kitchen Champion Season 4

‘Kitchen Champion’ is back with season 4 and this time it’s bigger and better than before. We’re back with Chef Gauti and Ronit. They guide the contestants of the show in a battle that will take place in every day from Monday – Friday 1 pm. If you’ve got a liking for food then show is just for you. Watch the best characters on Colors fight it out to be the next Kitchen Champion. All here right on Colors.

Hosted by Ronit Roy:

Ronit Roy is an India Television and Bollywood actor. He is known for his various roles in India’s highest viewed television shows. Ronit Roy is a major foodie. He loves eating and enjoys cooking. He especially loves to experiment with various flavours. He plays the role of the big brother in the show and encourages the teams to pull off their best when it comes to cooking.


Chef Gautam or Chef Gauti is a one of a kind chef, he brings with him expert knowledge in the culinary arts and a wise humour that can bring a smile to one and all. This is his 4th stint at judging Kitchen Champion and he’s definitely made an impression with his calm demeanor. Chef Gauti loves the creativity that goes into creating food beside the company of people who love cooking.

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