No more Pani Puri for Karan Sharma

People love to eat chat, but what if we eat it more than what we are supposed to?

Karan Sharma who presently plays Abhimanyu in Star Plus’ Sapno Se Bhare Naina had to eat so much pani Puri for the show that he cannot stand the snack now.

Karan says, “We had a scene in the show where I am challenging Naina (Parvati Vaze) for Pani Puri eating competition and I have to win. As a preparation the director had already informed about the scene and he had purposely kept us away from snacks in the evening so that we can eat Pani Puri.”

“Initially when we started shooting, we just had five to six Pani Puris and as we were hungry during that time, we had no issues having more. But as the director continued the shoot, we were just eating and we ended up having around 40 to 50 puris. I had loved Pani Puri a lot, but now after this, I can’t even stand it.”

We can only hope that Karan gets back his taste-buds for the chat in the near future…

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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