Navya and Phulwa get a refreshing break

We very well know that television industry provides a great platform for budding friendships and relations, apart from the onscreen space that it gives.

And the very recent case we see is the budding friendship between the two lead girls of the shows produced by Swastik Pictures.

Yes you heard it right..

Soumya Seth, who is presently seen as the protagonist of the show Navya in Star Plus, made a short visit to the sets of Phulwa with her co-actors, Vinita Thakkar and Farhina Parvez, during break time. The actors had a wonderful time meeting Jannat Zubair Rahmani and the other cast of Phulwa.

Since the shows are produced by the same production house, the proximity of both the sets is very small and it was not hard for Soumya to jump from her set during the span of break as she was in the zeal to meet the little Jannat.

We contacted Soumya to know her experience visiting another set, and she eagerly said, “We really had a blast on the sets of Phulwa. We enjoyed a lot because it was really a good break for us after the shoot and we had actually gone to the sets without even informing anyone (laughs).”

“We enjoyed a lot over there and when Jannat got a break; she came up to me and recognized me as Navya and she said that she saw me on TV. She is a very sweet girl and I was amazed with her response”, says an excited Soumya.

Seems like Soumya Seth knows how to take a break when not shooting.

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