Love triangle on DLMH

Competition is rampant in STAR One’s political love drama Dhoond Legi Manzil Humein. In the upcoming episodes, while things will heat up between political rivals Aarti and Abhishek, who are preparing for the upcoming elections, a love triangle between Alka, Chander and Aarti will gradually develop too.

A STAR source elaborates, “Aarti is totally focused on the elections, and she is glad to have Chander by her side. He is a huge support and help for her. In upcoming episodes, not only will he help her get appointments with leaders and ministers, but he will also plan their campaign with her, despite knowing that Abhishek is her rival. Aarti will object to Chander hanging out with Alka or Abhishek publicly. Some cute and funny scenes between Alka, Chander and Aarti can be expected.”

Aarti aka Nita Shetty is very clear about what she wants. She says, “I am glad to have the support of a promising man like Chander. I know I can depend on him. I really like his attitude and persona.”

While Alka is not too happy with the circumstances, Chander doesn’t think their personal life will interfere with their professions.

Will Aarti’s ultimatum to Chander to stay away from Alka in public create a rift between the lovers? Will Chander’s support for Aarti and her party drive a wedge between Abhishek and Chander?

Don’t forget to catch the interesting twists and turns on Dhoond Legi Manzil Humein every Monday to Saturday at 9 PM, only on STAR One.

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