Gautam to turn grey in Navya

Gautam aka Ankit Kakkar made his entry recently in Star Plus’s new show Navya as Navya’s (Soumya Seth) brother in law. As per the ongoing track of the show, Navya’s sister is pregnant and in the coming episodes she will deliver a baby. Everything will be going smooth until and unless, Gautam changes his mind.

Currently, it has been shown that Gautam is very a honest, hard working and a responsible guy, who at a very young age got settled in his business and life, due to his ambitious attitude.

But Gautam, in the course of time realises the fun he had missed in his youth.

“Due to his responsibilities on the family, he got married at a very young age and therefore missed all the fun his friends have had. And will find his way and space to enjoy those days of freedom henceforth”, informs source.

“Soon he will start ignoring his family and will start enjoying his life alone. He will probably get into an extra marital affair as well, “adds source.

We contacted Ankit who says, “Yes, I have just entered the show with a very good character. Even I have heard that the character will turn negative in future.”

Gautam’s transformation of behavior will take place by the end of this month in Navya…

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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