Behenein tipped to go off air

Star Plus and Hats Off Productions’ Behenein which recently completed its one year run is probably the next show to get an axe from the channel.

The latest we hear is that Behenein is all set to go off air in the beginning of May. Hats Off as we know is already planning another show for Star Plus.

As per our source, “Behenein had got an extension of three months somewhere in February, and that is to end in May. The show has had a good run and the production house and actors will accept the decision whole-heartedly if the channel decides to end the show in May”.

Apart from this, there is a buzz of Shiju Kataria aka Smriti being replaced from the show.

A little birdie tells us, “Shiju is a person who throws her weight around, and adheres to lots of tantrums on the set. The entire shoot atmosphere gets ruined because of this single person. The girl creates lot of issues on sets, and the makers are now forced to remove her from the show. Having said this, if the channel issues an official confirmation of Behenein wrapping up in May, the production house might continue to put on with the actor’s tantrums and keep her till the end of it”.

However, when we contacted Shiju Kataria she gave us a different story. “Actually I was planning to opt out of the show. I don’t see any growth in my character, and don’t want to renew my contract. I am still shooting for the show, and am not aware of any replacements”.

Producer J.D. Majethia though said, “Talks are on for the replacement. But we have not arrived at any decision; there are chances of the change not happening too”.

When asked about the show going off air, he said, “I can’t say anything on this”.

Let’s just wait to know the channel’s decision on the future of Behenein..

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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