Ammaji to undergo a transformation in Pratigya

One of the main reasons why Pratigya’s life has been in doldrums is undoubtedly because of Ammaji (Asmitaa Sharma). But in the coming episodes the audience will see a major change of character and a different avtar of Ammaji in the show.

According to our source, “Ammaji, who has been completely against Pratigya, will now tone down to her where she will realise that whatever she had done to Pratigya till now was wrong.”

“In the coming episodes Krishna (Arhaan Behll) decides to open a Dhabba where everyone gets assured that he will name it Pratigya and starts teasing him on this. But to everyone’s surprise, he announces that the Dhabba will be called ‘Baba Ka Dhabba’. He also says that Pratigya suggested the name keeping in mind that Ammaji calls him by it. Knowing this Ammaji realises how Pratigya has always been really good to the family”, signs off the source.

We contacted Pooja Gor aka Pratigya and she confirmed the news, “Yes Ammaji will realise that she has been rude all the while to Pratigya. Realising her mistake, she even hands over the key and the responsibility of the house to Pratigya that even she gets convinced by this behavioural change.”

But is there a game plan going on in Ammaji’s mind with this behaviour change?

Watch this space to get the updates.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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