Colors TV stopped the shoot of Wanted

With national crime graph soaring by the day and hour, Colors TV launched a Crime Reality genre, Wanted High Alert to alert the audience. But seems like the channel was not so happy with the ratings of the show which made them decide to shelf it.

A source from the industry informs, “COLORS was not in the favor of the show which was counting very less number of ratings to the channel. And therefore the channel has stopped shooting for the show in between, saying that the show has been called off by the channel. Last Saturday was the end of the show.”

COLORS will be back to the trend of showing repeats of popular shows at the time slot of Wanted.

When contacted Sushant Singh-the host of the show and he says, “I don’t know the exact reason but they have stopped our shooting all of a sudden, and informed us about the show ending.”

We hear that IPL was one of the reasons that the channel gave for the low ratings of the show.

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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