Vishal Gandhi: The Ultimate Brand Man

Vishal Gandhi aka Kabir of Star One’s Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani has started his designer brand named ‘Minar and Sunhom’ in Lucknow. The team has in fact launched their designer wear in the Lucknow Fashion Week.

Talking about it Vishal told us, “Yes, we have launched our designer brand in Lucknow. We were not planning to go out with it so soon, but the Fashion Week approached us and we also happened to be the sponsors for the show. All this prompted us to launch our brand on that very platform”.

Vishal has always been brand conscious, but the huge price quoted for the same made him jittery. Keeping this in mind, Vishal actually thought of starting a brand which would appeal to one and all for its reasonable price.

Speaking about his partners in work, the actor states, “I cannot give much time to the venture; my wife Sunhom and partner Minar are the creative minds behind everything. I will be in charge of marketing, cracking targets and getting clients”.

The show stopper at the launch in Lucknow was Reshmi Ghosh. The team is presently planning a launch in Mumbai too. But before that, Vishal wishes to organize a photo shoot which will feature him and his co-actor Sukirti Kandpal looking stunning in the brand.

Acknowledging this fact, Vishal says, “You have heard it right. My partner Minar is very keen on having a portfolio done of Sukirti and me. She is my friend, but I still need to do the talking with her”.

Well, we wish all the very best to Vishal and his team…

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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