I am the Perfect Man: Ashish Sharma

Your nickname: Sunny

Favorite sport: Soccer

One thing that scares you: Nothing really

If you were a product, what would be your best advertising tag line? The Perfect Man

The best film that you saw this year? Black Swan

If you could live the life of an actor for one day, whose life would you choose? Johnny Depp

A weirdest rumor that you heard about yourself? That I am married

A shocking pickup line used on you? Idiot

The last time you felt jealous at a competing actor? None

If a person of the same sex would do a pass on you, what would you do? I will say Thank You

One advice you would like to give your co-actor, Tanvi Bhatia? She should stop using glycerin

A honest confession about yourself that you have never shared with anyone ever? I am what I am and I don’t hide things.

A Hollywood actress you would like to get naughty with? Jessica Alba

The weirdest marriage proposal that you have received? An actress’s mother called me up and wanted to marry her daughter to me, and I asked her didn’t you hear about the rumor that I am already married.

The Bollywood actress you would want to act with: Anushka Sharma

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan

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