Dev wants Geet and Maan to unite

At the same time Maan meets with an accident and is hospitalized. Dev is left alone as he wants Geet to get justice but at same time he wants Maan and Geet to be united.

We spoke to Dev aka Abhinav Shukla who is very tensed about Maan’s health, “Right now I just want Geet and Maan to be happy. I have realized my mistakes and want to prove it to them. Currently I am in a fix, how do I tell Maan this bitter truth because after all this drama I don’t want their relationship to be affected. They are made for each other. I want to punish myself. But Naintara has got whatever she wants, power and money.”

About Meera breaking his friendship he explains, “I know for her it was shocking but she is angry with me and I am sure that she will be back again and will forgive me as well.”

A stunned Meera says, “I am totally shocked to hear this truth and I can’t believe that Dev cheated Geet like this. Its very difficult for me to break my friendship with Dev.”

In the mean time, Dadima is very upset with Geet’s behaviour and betrayal, but at the same time she is worried about Maan’s health. Naintara is taking full advantage of the situation and is emotionally supporting her. Geet still remembers Maan and feels his presence. WhenMaan was conscious he asked the doctors for Geet. Will Maan and Geet be again together? Will Geet get her justice and pride back? Don’t forget to watch Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi every Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm only on STAR One.

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