Anisha Playing Double Role In Tujh Ko Aana Hoga

Anisha has earlier been a part of popular shows like Banoo Main Teri Dulhan and Dahhej. Read on to find out what the pretty actress had to say.

Why did you find the roles of Khushi and Rukmini intruging?

I was getting to play two different characters with two completely different looks. It sounded challenging and I immediately accepted the offer.

How did you prepare to portray the characters of Khushi and Rukmimi?

I did not get time to prepare as I had to leave for the shoot the very next day, after I accepted the offer. I took it up as a challenge.

You are playing a double role in Tujh Ko Aana Hoga, so did you face any difficulty while switching from one character to the other?

At times it is difficult. There are times when I have to immediately switch from being Khushi to Rukmini because I get flashes from the past in the show. I am getting into the groove now (laughs).

Which character did you enjoy playing the most- Khushi or Rukmini and why?

Khushi is closer to what I am in real life so portraying the character comes more naturally to me but both are good.

How was the experience of working with your co-stars Amit Dolawat and Siraj Khan?

It was wonderful. Amit and I have become good friends. We hang out and chill together.

The most unforgettable scene of Tujh Ko Aana Hoga?

Its the scene where Amit proposes to me with a ring. I love the way that scene was shot.

Any memorable incidents while shooting?

There have been many memorable incidents. The most memorable moments are after pack up when we all chill out together.

Tujh Ko Aana Hoga is shot in Diu, how did you find the place?

Its nice. We have been shooting together for 45 days and we all live together in the same hotel so I feel like I am living in the Bigg Boss house. Its a lot of fun being with the team of Tujh Ko Aana Hoga.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Yes I do believe in it. I have read a lot of books on the subject.

Have you ever heard of any real life story of reincarnation? If yes, can you share it with us?

No, I have not heard of any real life stories but my favourite is Many lives many masters by Brian Weiss is my favourite book and it is based on reincarnation. So I have read a lot of books with real life stories about reincarnation.

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