Mohnish Bhel Got The Important Role In Dill Mill Gayye.

Veteran film and TV actor Mohnish Bhel has been an important character in STAR One’s long running medical romantic drama, Dill Mil Gayye.

This son of well known bollywood actress Nutan has also acted in a large number of movies which include Maine Pyaar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Hum Saath-Saath Hain and Baagi… He reveals about his views on the current track.

Do you feel that that by renewing marriage vows Sid and Riddhima’s relationship will improve?

Hopefully it will improve. I have done everything I can as the father of the bride.

Can we expect to see you playing cupid and bringing Riddhima and Sid closer?

Sid and Riddhima were on the verge of divorce but I convinced them to give each other sometime to understand each other. So yes I believe that I had a hand in bringing them closer and hopefully will be successful in doing so in the future too.

Any advice to couples facing problems in their marriage similar to Sid and Riddhima?

I would like to advise them to work on the problems between them. They should not allow ego clashes and personality differences to affect the relationship.

What would you like to say to Riddhima who is finding it difficult to forget Armaan due to which her marriage is getting affected?

Armaan is her past and she should focus on improving her relationship with Sid. He is her husband and she should make an effort to save her marriage.

It has recently been revealed that Shilpa is Riddhima’s sister. So can we expect to see and exciting track with you and Shilpa on the show?

I certainly hope to see an exciting track between me and Shilpa but then it all depends on the channel. I don’t have a say on it!

You had recently anchored a marriage show on STAR Plus? How was the experience?

Yes, I greatly enjoyed STAR Vivah because I don’t come from a background where marriages are arranged. Plus most of the people on that show had gone through a lot in life. Agreed the show did not enjoy very good ratings, but the fact that one of our matches did translate into matrimony gives me great satisfaction. I sincerely hope that the channel thinks of coming up with season 2, for the concept has great potential and can provide good service to society.

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