I always wanted to do something in horror genre

Spooky story, wicked witch, possession of eligible brides and grooms; Mano Ya Na Mano will leave no stone unturned to find you real life stories that shake you out of your wits. Pooja Joshi plays Suman a newlywed possessed by a witch in Mano Ya Na Mano – Chota Patna this week.

People of other villages are wary of getting their children married to eligible young girls and boys of Chota Patna because of one incident that occurred 200 years ago. It is said that a newlywed was waiting for her husband under a tree during which she was possessed by a witch. She started behaving strangely and finally one day confessed to her husband that she is possessed. The stigma still continues and youngsters of the village face a lot of problems to find an eligible bride or groom.

Pooja Joshi, popularly known as Varsha from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on STAR Plus has also been a part of shows like Sujata and Mera Sasural as well shares what went into recreating this story for the small screen.

Q.What according to you is the most exciting part about your role in Mano Ya Na Mano – Chota Patna?

Pooja Joshi:-
The story is very interesting. I am playing someone who is possessed for the first time and my character Suman has two shades-she’s a simple girl and then gets possessed by a ghost. The role is a drastic change from the simple Varsha of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

Q.What was your reaction after hearing the story?

Pooja Joshi:-
After hearing the story I realized that this is something I have never attempted before. I always wanted to do something in horror genre and immediately accepted this role.

Q.You play a girl who gets possessed by a witch in the episode, have you met or heard of any such person in real life?

Pooja Joshi:-
I have heard a lot of stories from my grandparents but touchwood I have never had an encounter with any such person. Thankfully!

Q.Are witches and wizards good or bad?

Pooja Joshi:-
I believe that if a good person dies then his aatma will be good and vice versa. The body dies but it is the energy within us that continues to exist.

Q.Any favorite witch story you like from childhood?

Pooja Joshi:-
I remember this story that my grandfather who used to live in a village in Uttaranchal had told me. Once when he was a child he got separated from his friends and lost his way in the jungle at night. Someone appeared suddenly and showed him the way to return home. After reaching home he told the family about the incident. Everyone was surprised after hearing about the stranger who helped him because normally no one used to visit that area at night since it was unsafe. The next morning my grandfather got fever and everyone then concluded that it was some aatma that had helped him the previous night.

Q.Are you superstitious in real life? Are there any particular superstitions that you believe?

Pooja Joshi:-
No I am not superstitious. I have faced incidents where a black cat crossed my way but I do not believe anything bad will happen. I believe that if you think something bad will happen then it will definitely happen. If a person has a positive attitude then everything will be fine.

Q.Any memorable scenes from the episode or memorable incident while shooting?

Pooja Joshi:-

I remember this scene where I was tied to a tree by the villagers and my husband (played by Alok Narula) tries to save me. Alok had to climb the tree, carry me and then jump down. However even after numerous attempts/takes he could not perform perfectly. On one hand I was scared that he may drop me down but then I just could not control my laughter at the same time. Finally we decided to make some changes in the scene after which it got completed.

Q.Why according to you should the audience watch the episode?

Pooja Joshi:-
The most interesting part is a true story that happened 200 years ago. Normally stories in Mano Ya Na Mano are completed in an episode but our story is very detailed and it will be telecast in 2 episodes. Also my fans who watch me in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai as Varsha will get to see me in a new avatar. You must watch it and let me know what you think!

Q.How was your experience working on the show?

Pooja Joshi:-
I really enjoyed the experience. We even put in extra hours than what we were supposed to but I did not mind because I was enjoying playing the role. I had even memorized the entire script. Even my co-actors were very supportive.

Q.Have you watched the earlier season of the show? What are your views about it?

Pooja Joshi:-
I have seen the first season and I loved the way Irrfan Khan hosted it. When I was in Delhi I remember my mother never used to miss even a single episode. I loved the fact that Mano Ya Na Mano features real stories and also interviews real people who have faced amazing incidents.

Watch Pooja Joshi and Alok Narula’s power packed performance this weekend on Mano Ya Na Mano – Saturday and Sunday at 10.30 pm on STAR One.

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