Outdoor Shoots Put Smile On Mayank Face.

Actors from STAR One’s primetime show Miley Jab Hum Tum enjoyed their outdoor shoot last week. The three actors, Nupur, Mayank and Dhruv were not complaining about the heat that had been created from the coal that they had burned. Among the three actors, Mayank said that he enjoyed himself the most on this shoot!

After the shots, Rati aka Nupur would be busy looking and reviewing at her scenes, while Mayank was enjoying the shoot chatting away with his make-up man and Dhruv. Mayak’s friendly demeanor even helped Dhruv relax in with the new cast on his first day of shoot. Dhruv aka Rohit Khurana added that he was enjoying the new setup. “It is nice working on this show which I have seen before and I have learned a lot from my co-stars.”

Mayank was just having fun time with his make-up man and playfully jabbed him when he was standing besides him. He was just enjoying the garage location and was humming Mahi Re song and he was openly posing for the camera and didn’t shy away and then was looking at the clicked photos if they are proper or not.

Mayank aka Arjun Bijlani said, “It was really fun to shoot in this garage. I really can’t comment on the ongoing track as I want the audiences to watch the show and appreciate it.”

Dhruv was enjoying the new setup and was concentrating on his dialogues. He kept discussing the scenes with the director of the show asking for valuable criticism. Dhruv was a good observer during the time of rehearsing the scenes. Well, the his first glimpse on the show was on mark.

Here are some quick responses to his performance… The fans of the show hate Dhruv already and that’s an accomplishment for day one!

As Eti puts it, “I don’t like Dhruv at all. He is so rude and how can he tortured Nupur like an animal. I just hate his character but the twist is great and I like the twist. But i am only wishing for Mayank and Nupur’s unity. Jo kuch bhi Mayank aur Nupur’s phir se ek ho jaye yehi chahte hain hum sab fans. So MJHT is rocking and all the best for future. Please hamesha aise hi entertain karte rehna. (…All fans of MJHT want Mayank aur Nupur together, keep entertaining us)

Sanaya, another avid fan of the show who loves the gang dearly and wants them to be happy always goes a step further and says, “Agar Dhruv ne Mayank aur Nupur ko alag kiya toh main uske paer tod ke haath mein de doongi” (If Dhruv separates Mayank and Nupur, I will break his legs and give it to his hands)

While everyone is enjoying themselves off screen, the gang in the show are very tensed with entry of Dhurv as he takes Nupur away from Mayank. To see more what will happen next, keep watching Miley Jab Hum Tum every Monday to Friday at 9 pm only on STAR One.

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